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Compliments of Amy Youngs

|| net art projects ||

Ada 'web
Bodies© INCorporated - customize your own virtual identity
Every Icon - by John Simon
Color Balance - by John Simon
Tetrasomia - by Stephen Vitiello
A Dislocation of Intimacy - an archive of a physical and virtual "blackbox" project by Ken Goldberg
etoy - artist hacktivist group
Genochoice - create your own genetically healthy child online!
Ghost City - by Jody Zellen plethera of great net art pieces by a group of British artists. Two of my favorites are's Technologies to the People Video Collection website and Own, Be Owned Or Remain Invisible. -
artist duo consistantly producing wonderfully maddening work that "plays" with web browsers or takes them over, causing you to have to quit your browser in order to escape.
Komar and Melamid Homepage - "most wanted" and "least wanted" type of paintings based on actual surveys of the public
Modern Living
RAM | An Experiment in Collective Recollection
RTMark - An activist artists' network utilizing the corporate model to achieve controversial projects without personal liability.
Imitation web site
Sampling Broadway
Sodaplay - construct and then play with animated creatures using simple elements: virtual mass, springs and muscles.
Superbad - nonsensical visual fun
Temple of Confessions - Gomez-Pena
Universal Webpage - imagine all pages mixed into one...
Vectorial Elevation - an interactive artwork designed to transform the Zócalo square in Mexico City. Using a three dimensional interface this web site allowed you to design a light sculpture with 18 robotic searchlights located around the Plaza. By Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.
Word Perhect - by Tomoko Takahashi - if you ever cursed Microsoft Word for constantly making you conform to standards of writing, you will love this piece.


THE PERFECT ARTISTIC WEB SITE by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries. See more of this artists' works here:
Nosepilot - a marvel of 2D animation, this thing never ends
The Meatrix - flash animation with an anti-cruelty message
Fetch - "A man loses his perspective while playing with his dog". By Nina Paley. This animation made in Flash, plays in Quicktime.


Antiwargame - by Futurefarmers
Metapet - "The worlds first Transgenic virtual pet game."by Natalie Bookchin. - Super surreal puzzle/game with incredibly rich visuals. Does not work in the Safari browser!


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|| net art exhibits/portals ||

Rhizome - a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering communication and community in the field of new media art. They have a database of net art sites and listserv that you can join to learn about the latest happenings and read interesting interviews with media artists and theorists. $5 per year is the miminum membership fee to join this multimedia artists' wonderland. Fridays are free.
Digital Dirt - online exhibition of digital art, sound and text work
Dia center for the Arts - an experimental art center in New York also supporting web projects
Whitney Museum of American Art - web art at Whitney Biennale 2000

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|| Publications ||

Cream - "newsletter devoted to criticism and theory around art in media networks, predominantly the internet."
FineArt forum - art + technology netnews- News, opportunities, events, and reviews for people interested in art and tech.
Intellligent Agent
- online and magazine reporting on the use of interactive media and technology in arts and education.
Leonardo - is the leading international journal for readers interested in the application of contemporary science and technology to the arts and music. Very little is accessible on-line, but you can always read the print journal at the art library.
M u t e - magazine- a print publication with a some articles on the web.
Switch - New Media art and tech journal published on the web by San Jose State University's School of Art and Design.
THE THING BBS uses the model of a Bulletin Board System. Post messages, read reviews, find out what is currently showing in the New York galleries and see the latest video and web art.

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|| technical resources ||

World Wide Web Consortium - the official keepers of HTML, learn all about it on their site; guides, tutorials, etc.
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML lists every official HTML tag in common usage
Search Engine Watch - article on Meta Tags. Among other things, learn about how to use the ROBOT NOINDEX tag that keeps search spiders from indexing your site in search engines.
JavaScript Tutorial for the Total Non-Programmer



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|| copyright issues ||
Intellectual Property Law Primer for multimedia developers
Intellectual Property Issues - by Negativeland - a very different take than the link above.
Evolution Control Committee
Illegal Art Exhibition
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use
Creative Commons - an innovative organization devoted to getting beyond simplistic ©copyrights and finding new ways for creative people to legally protect their work while also allowing them to share their work with each other.

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