NASA Official Endorsement and Sponsoring Center:
Glenn Research Center
Institutions Involved in ranking order:
For3D, Fakespace, COSI, Great Lakes Science Center, Flotek, LaRC, GRC IDAC, ARC LTPO, GlobalHaptics
Title of Project:
Immersive Interactive Wind Tunnel Simulator

Milestones and Budget:
The project proposed by the Glenn LTP will improve access to and enjoyment of science, math, engineering, and technology by all students. Through the research and development of immersive technologies using NASA data, we will enhance science and technology literacy in the U.S.

12 Proposal Writing: NASA LTP Grant 05/2002
The project being proposed is for an immersive interactive wind tunnel simulator in NASA's Reconfigurable Advanced Visualization Environment (RAVE-CAVE like structure) utilizing 3D with real-time remote control of NASA's small-scale wind tunnel in the Virtual Interactive Classroom. The goals of the project are to: Give participants a "real world" experience in NASA facilities, use "hi-tech" tools as a means of teaching physics principles to help prepare students to meet national math and science standards, and make learning fun and more interactive, teaching students to think, not just memorize.