Aesthetic Sculpture

Welcome to Aesthetica art piece balanced between the creator and viewer.  In the book, The Botany of Desire, the tulip uses humans’ desire for beauty to propagate and survive.  This artwork mimics this evolutionary technique to not only survive, but to seek what it means to be beautiful in a world of different opinions.

This website includes a 3D interface that will allow you to play with many elements of the sculpture.  As more people submit their own version, the website will calculate the "best" version.  As more users gravitate to more popular design structures, it becomes more difficult for other less popular structures to influence the final design. 

At the conclusion of the to be determined evolutionary timeline, the piece will be 3D printed to replicate the exact state of the art.

The piece you see below is the current evolutionary state of Aesthetica Sculptura:
If you do not see the 3D spinning model, your browser does not support WEBGL. Please try to upgrade your browser or use a different browser. Some updated browsers may also not be supported due to video card limitations.

To contribute to this piece, choose one of the following options:

Preference: To build upon the current state of the sculpture, please choose this option. You are encouraged to build upon this current design and contribute to the evolution of the sculpture. Enter this PLAY AREA and hit the submit button when you are satisfied with your design.

Create Art

Optional: If you want to start from the initial seed design and attempt to move the evolutionary phase in a new direction, you may work on your submission here.

Create Art

Need help seeing what is possible with the interface? See this simple demo at:

To learn more about the artist, visit

For your consideration of a version 2 with Augmented Reality and Voting system.